What is a Database-Introduction

The database is a collection of organized data that is usable and accessible. Databases are usually presented as tables. Digital databases are an essential part of the Internet infrastructure and the way we use it. They allow the organized storage of content, from which information can be extracted and manipulated.

What is MySQL Database

MySQL is the most widely used open source database management system. It allows the creation of multiple databases that can be accessed by more than one user simultaneously. MySQ is used for the management of relational databases that are most commonly used for the storage of great amounts of all types of data. Relations are typically presented as tables with columns and

MySQL is deployed by various large and demanding websites including popular sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr and so on.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol that allows simple file transfer between hosts in a network based on the TCP/IP protocol. The FTP is often used for the uploading and downloading of files from websites, especially large files. It enables you to download and upload files directly to any directory at your site and get files which otherwise may not be accessible from the back-end of the website.


The Domain Name System is a distributed database system that translates the human-readable domain names into IP addresses. Thus, enables you to reach any site by first connecting to a DNS server, which stores a big database for the mapping of domains.


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