How to Choose a Domain Name

The domain name is how people will refer to your website. In a way, it is your website. YouTube wouldn’t be YouTube if the domain name was ‘video-uploading-’. If you have an established business and the domain name with its name is free the choice is easy.

But if you are just starting, there are a number of facts that you need to know about the domain name Facts that will at least prevent you from making a mistake that at one time or another will be impossible to fix.

When choosing a domain name preferences may vary but there are some undoubtful advantages of following a strategy to ensure the success of your choice.

Just like in making the decision of purchasing a house, you need to be informed and aware of the possible downsides of your prospective choice.

Learning how to claim a domain name might seem like a trivial task but once examined closely, it becomes obvious how much work had been executed behind a successful domain name.

A domain name is the Internet address of a company or another entity on the Internet. For example

As a whole, there are over 112 million active domains only for .com, .net, .org, .info., biz, .us TLDs, 82 million of which are .com TLD alone. Every month there are over 420 thousand newly registered .com TLDs.

Having a domain makes you look more professional and increase the confidence in what you are doing. The sooner you register, the better the chances are to find your desired domain name still available.
Search engine ranking is better when your site uses a top level domain. Improve your brand recognition.


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