Types of Hosting Services

Website hosting is an Internet service that enables you to create your website and store the data from this site on a server that is connected to the Internet and that enables your website to be available online.

Free Hosting

Free Website Hosting means that you can create your own website absolutely for free. While some hosting companies impose their ads on the websites and blogs of users with free accounts AwardSpace is not one of them. The free hosting is actually shared hosting with fewer resources and features available.

Free Hosting Features

AwardSpace is not only a pioneer in the Free Web Hosting Services but is also offering and will continue to provide one of the best free hosting plans available in the market.

What is Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting got its name from the fact that it doesn’t provide an individual server for the hosting of one single website. Shared hosting means that one server is used by many accounts. So, depending on the hosting plan and server capacity there could be a vary-ing number of websites on one server.

But shared resources significantly reduce the cost of the web hosting service as maintaining the server gets much cheaper.

Usually, websites on shared hosting accounts share most of the server’s resources between each other. In peak times shared web hosting accounts with the need for more CPU or RAM, for example, can use the resources from other smaller accounts and that’s how the capacity of the server is distributed across all of the accounts for optimal efficiency of the server.

What is VPS Cloud Hosting

VPS Cloud Hosting services provide more reliable and specialized solutions for diverse websites that have outgrown their shared hosting plan limits. The new technology of Virtual Private Servers provides economical and high-quality hosting services that fill in the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is very effective and elastic hosting solution because it’s based on a server virtualization technology that divides the physical machine into a few fully independent virtual servers that could have separate operating systems installed and could be rebooted
without affecting each other.

These capabilities also allow root access to the server and full control over each virtual machine, so you have the freedom to make various changes in your hosting account and install additional software.

VPS is more appropriate for more experienced users who want full access to their server, to manage their own settings and develop custom websites.


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