Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is eAcademy? is a website to provide quality online education in Computer Science, Information Technology, Programming Languages, Web development, Multimedia, Science and Technology, Engineering and other Management subjects.

2. Who started eAcademy?
This website was launched by DailyICT with some IT courses in 2017.

3. Who writes the content of courses in eAcademy?
The content of courses on the website are created by highly skilled professionals. A number of freelancers helped us in our effort to build a database of quality courses. Some of courses are based on ebooks and other offline or online institutes with license of copy rights.

4. Is that Free?
Yes it is. All the courses are free to study. You don't need to register or pay any cents.

5. What is the main income of eAcademy?
The eAcademy is primarily funded by the founder of eAcademy. Ltd. We also earn enough revenue from the advertisements published on the website.

6. Can we get a certificate after completing a course?
Yes you can. There are two types of certificates. Digital certificates are free and Printed certificates cost LKR 1600/= (USD 9.99).

7. Can we reuse or republish the content available in eAcademy?
Sorry, we do not allow to use our content for republishing online or to be printed for commercial purpose. But yes, you can use our content with in your Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes and Companies as long as it is only for internal purpose and you are keeping appropriate references to eAcademy.

8. What is the main purpose and mission of eacademy?
our main purpose and mission is giving opportunity to free elearning. eAcademy is Your eLearning Partner.

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  1. is there a limit for the no.of course we can do

    1. No. You can complete many more courses as you wish.


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