Entering the Hosting Space-Introduction

It was not that long ago that I started to use hosting services, creating websites, and overall getting to know how the web works. And honestly, more or less at the same time, I figured out that the hosting space is a huge area of interconnected elements. The web is a complex environment. Meaning, every single element is necessary for all the others to work properly.

The web space is so immense that it is virtually infinite. Thus, a quick introduction into the world of hosting could be of high value.

Together we’ll glance on the surface of the hosting world, just so you get to know what some of the terms are standing for, but without any unnecessary details.

In order for our Spaceship to be able to navigate throughout this immense space without getting lost, we need to get out of Earth’s orbit. This is impossible to achieve without facing key elements like the MySQL Databases, FTP and DNS’s. It will be quite a journey. let’s go.

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