Steps to Build up E- Commerce

Before you can start selling your goods and services on-line there are several steps they are,

1. Generating Demand
Get people of your site and then convert the lookers into buyers.Advertising on the internet is one way to get people to your site.

2. Ordering & Fulfilment
Once a consumer is at your site you need them to place an order.This can be achieved by simplifying the ordering process. After that, fill and ship your customers orders in a timely manner and keep them informed of the progress of their order.

3. Process Payment
You have to choose any of the available methods for processing payments such as cash Model,Cheque Model or Credit Model.The Processing of Payments is discussed in more detail later.

4. Service & Support
The needs of your customers can be met by providing expectional customer support and services .saving information about customers is much helpful in processng their order next time.This information can also be used to offer them special discounts on the products they buy,appealing their return.

5. Security
Consumers should know that their transactions over the internet are secure,Using SSL (secure sockets layer) and digital certificates provide the necessary security.


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