Influencing Factors of Successful eCommerce

The crucial factors to be considered while launching an E‐commerce web site are,

1. Website
Website must be easy to navigate since the surfer should not have to search for the product or details he or she is looking for. The website should project its products in as provocative way so the surfer wants to see more. Place testimonials or photos of the products.

2. Merchant Account
All major credit cards have to be accepted for an e‐commerce transaction. So there arises a need for a merchant account.
The online shopping cart allows the customers to choose and place their chosen products in the cart just as one would do in shopping mall. This cart will, at the end of the shopping, total the products and give the total cost of the products chosen.

4. Payment gateway
This is the link from the credit card to the credit card processor. This gateway helps information to pass from the website to the authorization centre where the credit card is verified and then charged, after that the reply will come back into the website that the processing has been successful. A payment gateway will always check for details in credit card information and reject any discrepancy in the information.

5. Pricing
One of the main reasons why consumersbuy online is to save money.besides convenience, the internet has always been a place for the consumers to compare prices and buy what they are looking for at the best possible price.

6. User Friendliness
The price is indeed important,but User- Friendliness and easy ofuse of store is really the decisive factor.

7.Product Line
A niche product line is a vey good thing.The product that we offer is available with other sellers like on Amazon,and then we should ask ourselves what we can offer as a value-add, such as service ,information, guarantees and possibly some entertainments.

8. Adequate stock level
A new Customer could defintely be turned-off by desiring a product that is in backorder.

9. Quickness
Websites should load quickly.Every component of the site should move fast in order to avoid customers leaving the site.

10. Exhibit information clearly
It is important that all companies should post th contacts more visibly for easy access in the case of any problem to the customers.


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