E‐Commerce Strategy

Companies with an E‐business strategy are more open. The entire organization focuses on the market and has greater visibility, more efficient collaboration and stronger relationships. Opening up a business, however, requires an extended ERP Solution which integrates the front office with the back office system. Customer Relationship Management [CRM] and Supply Chain Collaboration [SCC] compliment back‐office relationship. SCC streamlines the flow of information and self service capabilities through automation and interaction. Such solution allows customers, partners and employees to access system functions and information via the Internet. They use the critical business and financial information in your ERP solution to promote profitable new ways to work with customers and vendors.

The various elements required to implement a successful e‐commerce strategy are,

• Make sure to have a Market
• Use a clicks and mortar strategy if possible‐ it combines offline resources, such as store brands, channels with an online e‐commerce presence
• Integrate the shopping experience Integrate information, personal details and purchase history
• Plan about the content, pricing, stock management, fulfillment, support, payment, returns, support and security.
• Develop an easy‐to use purchase process
• Consider localization issues
• Consider customer relationship management and personalization
• Use the right software
• Always employ the right team in place
• Use enough marketing campaign


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