Business to Employee (B2E) Model

Business‐ to‐ employee [B2E] uses an intrabusiness network which allows companies to provide products and/ or services to their employees. It is the use of intranet technologies to handle activities that take place within a business. An intranet is an internal network that used Internet technologies.

Business‐ to‐ employee [B2E] is different from other type since it is not a revenue form of business. Otherwise, it increases profits by reducing expenses within a company. Instead of having to look everything up manually they can collaborate with each other and exchange data and other information.

Many companies have found that B2E technologies have dramatically reduced the administrative burdens with the human resources department. Admittedly, maintaining employee information has little to do with commerce, but this term has grown to encapsulate this activity into the B2E definition. Examples of B2E applications include,

1. Online insurance policy management
2. Corporate announcement dissemination
3. Online supply requests
4. Special employee offers
5. Employee benefits reporting


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