Business to Government (B2G) Model

B2G refers to the supply of goods and services for online government procurement. This is a huge market which mainly covers everything from office supplies to military equipment. B2G websites offer lower costs and greater choice to the administration, and make government tendered offers more accessible to companies. B2G is a derivative of B2B marketing and often referred to as a market definition of public sector marketing which encompasses marketing products and services to various government levels including‐federal, state and local‐ through integrated marketing communications techniques using as strategic public relations, branding, , advertising, and web based communications.

A website offering Business to Government services could provide businesses with the following.

• A single place to locate applications and tax forms for one or more levels of government
(city, state or local)
• To provide the ability to send in filled out forms and payments
• To update corporate information
• To request answers to specific questions

Business to Government decreases the cost of transactions with reference to licenses, selling publication of government documents, tax returns and general dealings with businesses and the public. It has increased information flow.


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