Business to Consumer (B2C) Model

Business – to Consumer [B2C] e‐commerce consists of the sale of products or services from a business to the general public. Products can be anything from clothing to flowers and the products can also be intangible products such as online banking, stock trading, and airline reservations. Sellers that use B2C business model can increase their benefits by eliminating the middlemen. This is called disintermediation because businesses sell products directly to consumers without using traditional retail channels. Business to Consumer [B2C] is basically a concept of online marketing and distributing of products and services over the internet. It is a natural progression for many retailers or marketer who sells directly to the consumer.

The general idea is, if you could reach more customers, service them better, make more sales while spending less to do it that would the formula of success for implementing a B2C e‐commerce infrastructure.

A business firm can also establish relations with customers through electronic medias. For this, the company has to design a web site and place it on the internet. On the web site, the company can publish all details about the product and services and that benefits customers to place orders for these goods from the web site.

To maintain customers always with company’s web site, the company must update the information on the web regularly. Consumers always demand greater convenience and lower prices. Electronic commerce provides consumers with convenient shopping methods.

Business to Consumer [B2C] e‐commerce provides many benefits to the business. Some of them are,

• Lower Marketing costs
• Lower order processing cost
• Better customer service
• Lower customer support cost
• Wider markets


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