Advertising for Drive Traffic

Contrary to the common belief, advertising still works. Especially, when done right. Therefore, companies all over the world are investing billions (with a B) of dollars every year in advertising, hoping that their ROI (Return on Investment) will be higher than the money they’ve put in advertising.

Still, a large portion of the money invested in ads is not giving back what they are expected to. And the reason behind that is not the inefficiency of the tactic itself, but rather in the media, and/or the target group, chosen by the advertisers.

This comes to show, that if you choose the right way to advertise, and the right target group, to which your ads will show, your campaign will be a lot more effective. The three of the easiest and most efficient ways to promote your business website, blog, or any other web endeavor are, as far as I am concerned, the following.

• Google Search Ads
• Google Display Network
• Facebook Ads

But while the other two won’t give you the benefit of showing your ad, only when people are actively looking for service, like your, Google Search Ads will.

It’s not that ads, published in Google Display Network, or Facebook are inefficient. The difference is deeper than that. These types of advertising serve a different purpose. Most often than not, it's harder to convert a person who is merely trying to see what his friends are doing, or one reading a news article, then those, who are actively looking for a service. It’s pure common sense. That is why Google Search Ads, is my favorite method of advertising online.


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