Google Ads for Advertising

Follow these tips when using Google Ads to promote your business, and chances are, your ROI will be higher:

1. Find the Right keywords - Your Google Ads copies will be triggered by the keywords that you’ve set. Needless to say that it will harm your campaign and budget if you let your ads show to irrelevant keywords.

You can use five types of keyword match in Google Ads.

• Broad match – This is the default match type. It displays your ad to the widest audience.
• Broad match modifier - A broad match, but with slight restrictions.
• Phrase match - Your ads will be displayed when keywords contain the phrase in the search query.
• Exact match - Your ads will only show if someone types the exact keyword you’ve chosen.
• Negative keywords – These are the words that you are filling in order for your ads NOT to be triggered by them. Using negative keywords will tighten your audi-ence, reduce unnecessary costs, and improve ROI.

2. Location Targeting - As a small business owner, you are probably on a tight budget. This is why you should consider targeting your 􀀪oogle Ads campaign on location above all else. Doing so, especially if done right, will save you more money than you can imagine.

3. Set the Right Budget - Budgeting is a hard task. Even more so, if you don’t know how much something is worth, and thus how to create the budget. The good thing about using Google Ads as your ad platform is that you can easily change the budget at any time.

4. Take Care of the Landing Page - The landing Page is the page where the users will ‘land’ when they decide to click on your ad. You better take care of it. It should be nice and tidy. And most of all – make it so, that page (and your whole website, for that matter) says clearly what‘s in it for the user.

5. Use Search and Display Networks - Google Search ads are those ads that are triggered by’ve
guessed it, a search. But, as we’ve mentioned already, Google gives you the opportunity to publish yours in the Display Network.

You are the one to choose at what type of websites you want your ads to appear, and even to what type of audience. One of the sites of the Google Display Network is YouTube. And your ads could be published there. On the price of cents. Literally.

6. Track Your Results - In marketing, everything is about result analysis. In digital marketing, this is even truer. The data comes faster and in bigger chunks, but it is better arranged, and you are able to digest it with a simple glance.

Yet, when you are using Google AdWords or any other advertisement platform, you better track your results and analyze them. Even if everything is going great, keep an eye on your advertising campaign. At least to be sure that the things are the way you want them to be.


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