Social Media for Drive Traffic

In order to drive traffic to your website by using social media, you need to have enough social traffic to transfer to your website.

Shareability is one of the greatest ways to disseminate your content. In the era of quick sharing, people are looking for something to identify their needs and believes with. That can come in the form of blog posts, pictures, or videos. There are three main social media post functions that can achieve that:

• Inspiration
• Entertainment
• Utility

Another way to popularize your social media channels is through reactions and responses. It’s quite similar to the shareable content but here we’re aiming for a different activity. The easiest way to get responses on your posts is through questions, games, and quizzes. You can also reach larger and relevant audiences through #hashtags.

One of the best working marketing tactics in the past few years has been and remains influencers collaboration. As influencers are usually widely recognizable social media personalities, your joint efforts will inevitably drive visitors to your own channels.


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