Who uses Adobe Dreamweaver?

Professional web designers have made Adobe Dreamweaver the market leader in visual web-authoring tools, using it to create engaging websites for more than 11 years. The flexible development environment in Dreamweaver allows visually oriented designers to work in Design view to create their pages. By beginning with the CSS starter layouts, they can easily insert assets created in Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Fireworks® software, or interactive elements created in Adobe Flash® Professional software. Using Live View in Dreamweaver, web designers can preview and interact with their pages as they will appear in standards-based browsers, making troubleshooting a more visual experience.

Due to the extensible architecture in Dreamweaver, designers who want to add Ajax-based interface elements to their designs without writing any code can download third-party extensions from Adobe Exchange at

Web developers, who generally work in a more code-centric environment than their web designer counterparts, rely on professional coding tools in Dreamweaver to build not only static HTML pages, but also advanced web applications using back-end languages such as PHP and Adobe ColdFusion® software. As web developers build sites upon popular content management systems, they will be able to work on individual “pieces” of the dynamic page while seeing the completely assembled page in Live View.

Developers working within Code view quickly leverage timesaving features such as code hinting, code completion, and code snippets for their chosen server model as well as for client-side scripts written in JavaScript. Regardless of the language, developers using Dreamweaver are confident that their code is written as they expect—but should a syntax error inadvertently occur, real-time highlighting allows the developer to quickly spot and correct the problem.


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