The Parts of a Computer System

A computer can be classified as a device that takes in raw data as input and processes it and provides information as the output. The computer also has the ability to store data and information.

The computer system consists of hardware (Physical components), software and users (people who use the computer) that are necessary to make the computer function and to processes data in a meaningful way and store data.

a computer system has four clear categorizations for hardware and functionality of that hardware. They can be listed as :

1. Processor, memory and integrating devices
2. Input devices
3. Output devices
4. Storage devices

All hardware components in a computer can be put into one of these four categories. Following are some of the hardware devices that are commonly found in modern day computer.

Processor, memory and integrating devices

• Central Processing Unit (CPU)
• Motherboard or Main board
• Main Memory
• Power supply
• VGA card
• Sound card
• LAN Card
• TV Card

Input Devices

• Keyboard
• Pointer device (e.g. Mouse, track-ball)
• Joystick and Game Pads
• Scanner
• Microphones, Still Digital Cameras and Video Cameras

Output Devices

• Monitor and LCD Panel
• Printers
• Speakers
• Plotters

Storage Devices

• Hard drives
• DVD and CD ROM
• Tape Drives
• Flash Disks and Memory Cards
• Floppy disks


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