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The human brain can be considered as the organ that does all the analysis of the information we receive through our five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. It then produces appropriate responses to the information we received. The information received by the brain, the thoughts and ideas it generated is retained in the brain. Further more it is the organ that controls the functionality of our body’s organs and parts. The brain is also capable of independent and creative thought and the generation of new ideas. The human brain learns some of its functionality and control through experience (learning) and some through instinct.

The computer’s equivalent to the brain is referred to as the processor. It is capable of receiving information from its input devices and then processing that information and to provide an output. It also has the capability to store this information in a storage device. The processor is responsible for controlling the various devices of a computer.

The major difference of the processor from the human brain is that it is incapable of independent and creative thought and the generation of new ideas. The processor is also incapable of learning. It is a device that can only follow the instructions that have been given to it by the programmer.

There are many manufactures of processors in the world. Intel with their Pentium, Celeron and Xeon Processors, and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) with their Duron and Athlon processors are biggest processor manufactures for the PC. There are other manufactures like Centaur Technologies with their Cyrix processor for the Personal Computer (PC). Sun Micro Systems with their SPARC chip is the company that develops processors for the Sun systems. Where as IBM with their PowerPC and Motorola with their Motorola 6800 are processors manufactures for the Apple computer. The most modern processors being manufactured are the Hyper-threading processors and the 64-bit processors.

All the commands are execute from here.

• Mainly consists with two parts,
  1. ALU
  2. CU

1. ALU-Arithmetic & Logic Unit

Responsible for performing Arithmetic functions such as,
–Addition (+)
–Subtraction (-)
–Division (/)
–Multiplication (*)

And Logical functions like,
–Is Greater than (>)
–Is Less than (<)

2. CU-Control Unit

Responsible for controlling all the Hardware of the computer and all the Software of the computer. All tasks of the computer has been runs under the direct co-ordinations of CU.


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