The Dreamweaver Insert Panel

In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, the Insert panel contains buttons for inserting various types of objects, such as images and forms, into a Dreamweaver document. You can use the Insert panel to create or insert content in eight categories:

• The Common category contains buttons for inserting the most commonly used objects, such as links, images, and tables.

• The Layout category gives you options to insert tables, table elements, div tags, frames, and Spry widgets. You can view tables in either Standard (default) mode or Expanded Tables mode.

• The Forms category contains buttons for creating forms and inserting form elements.

• The Data category lets you insert dynamic elements such as recordsets, repeated regions, and record insertion and update forms.

• The Spry category lets you insert “widgets” that display data from other files and various interface elements (such as navigation bars and menus) that rely on JavaScript and CSS. (Spry widgets are not covered in this study, but you can read find out more about them in Dreamweaver Help (select Help > Dreamweaver Help and look for the section called “Building Spry pages visually.”)

• The jQuery Mobile category provides content layout options, input, UI and form controls for developing mobile applications using Dreamweaver.

• The InContext Editing category is used to enable end users to make simple edits to their web pages without help from you or additional software on their computers. Adobe InContext Editing (ICE) is an online hosted service that provides simple content editing capabilities within a web browser.

• The Text category is used for working in Code view and enables you to insert a variety of text- and listformatting tags, such as b, em, p, h1, and ul.

• Use the Favorites category to customize a list of Insert panel buttons for fast access. You can customize this category by right-clicking (Windows) or Control-clicking (Mac OS) the Insert panel.

You switch between these categories by using the Insert panel menu, which is located at the top of the Insert panel. To hide or show the Insert panel select Window > Insert.

To display the pop-up menu for a button, click the disclosure triangle beside the button’s icon.


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