Role of women in entrepreneurship

Women can lead anything towards success due to their creativity, dedication, risk taking ability, intelligence, gumption and flexibility. Owing to above qualities, women today choose to be successful entrepreneurs individually or as groups by identifying new opportunities and converting them to their own business. Further they provide job opportunities to others through their businesses.

Need of women choosing to do businesses

It has become necessary for women to enter into the entrepreneurship field today. There are many reasons for this.

1. To achieve a satisfactory income level

Since cost of living has increased at present, it has become difficult to run the affairs of a home only with the income of one individual. In order to avoid this, it is necessary for women to earn an income through a business.

2. Majority of the population being women

When analyzing the composition of population of most countries, it is evident that women represents the majority. Hence, we can come to the conclusion that there is a considerable women representation within the workforce of world. Hence, women should venture in to business and should give their contribution to uplift the economy of the country.

3. High unemployment among women

Unemployment rate is high among women. It is a waste of resources of a country. When women enter in to business, their contribution can be used to increase the national production. It will be a solution to unemployment since they create employment for themselves and for the others.

4. Existence of businesses which need contribution of women

Women’s contribution is needed for the businesses which require unique skills of women and qualities like softness and kindness.

5. Trend of women getting higher education

There is an increasing trend among women to get school education as well as higher education. They can contribute for the economic development of the country by starting businesses independently by making use of the higher education they acquired.


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