Opportunities for women to do business

It is important to have opportunities within the business environment for women to enter into business. Following are some such opportunities which can be seen in the economy of world.

1. High demand created for services

A high demand for different services has been created in order to fulfill human needs and wants owing to the facts like busy schedules of people, and increase in income levels. Opportunities are open for women to provide those services.

Examples :- Selling processed , foods Laundry service , Day care service

2. Existence of business opportunities which can be started with a low investment and low risk.

Examples :- Event management – organizing different functions Organizing local and overseas tours

3. Unique financial and non -financial incentives being introduced to women.

Examples :- Giving loans at lower interest or interest free Conducting entrepreneurial training programmers for women

4. Changing social attitudes regarding women.

Examples :- Recognition given to women in the society has been increased Acknowledging the economic contribution made by women Women engaging in activities which were under male dominance

Some strengths of women to be an entrepreneur are given below.

# Ability to use the inherent skills.
# Having self-discipline.
# Ability of balancing the private life and the business activities.
# Ability of using time effectively.
# Having a high level of creativity.
# Ability of building close relationships with different parties and developing trust through that
# The attitude in the society that women are reasonable and trustworthy.
Being frugal.

Barriers for women entrepreneurship

Women encounter different barriers when they run businesses. Sometimes women refrain from being an entrepreneur due to those barriers. Some such barriers are given below.

# Challenge of balancing the roles of the personal life and the role as an entrepreneur.
# Women have to give prominence to household activities and as a result attention given to the business can go down.
# Independence of women has not yet been established in the society.
# Dislike to do businesses is going beyond the tradition.
# Programs which promote women entrepreneurship are not enough.
# Difficulties of obtaining capital.


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