Planning to Go Mobile

There is no doubt that the mobile phone presents an enticing marketing opportunity and market space. Early movers in the mobile space have seen remarkable success, and some have made remarkable amounts of money. How do you prepare to go mobile?

First, as with any marketing activity, planning and setting goals are key. What do you want your campaign to achieve? How can mobile be used to help you achieve those goals?

Second, you need to consider your audience. Who do you need to reach? What sort of phones and features of their phones do they have and, importantly, use? iPhone applications may be more fun to develop than a campaign based on SMS, but iPhone applications can only reach iPhone users, while SMS can reach almost everyone who has a mobile phone. (Many developers of iPhone apps do, however, make similar or identical apps for other smartphones.)

Third, how will users actually access your campaign? Do you need permission first to send them messages, or will you be advertising or marketing the campaign to get them to access it?

You also need to choose partners for your campaign for their technology and distribution networks and, of course, for their expertise. Ensure that the partners you choose adhere to your country’s mobile ethics and standards code, as well as those of your brand.

Lastly, you need to determine how mobile marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. Will mobile marketing be complementing existing services and campaigns, or will you be developing campaigns, goods, and services specifically for the mobile environment?


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