Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

The mobile phone has many benefits (there are those seven unique features after all) but comes with its own challenges. The reach of the mobile phone alone makes it a very attractive marketing channel.

Advantages (Pros) :

# High penetration of devices with twice as many cell phones as PCs.

# Web searches on mobile devices will eventually exceed searches on PCs.

# Access to many international consumers who can’t afford PCs.

# Mobile phones can receive input anywhere-anytime, enabling location-specific and behavioral targeting for local businesses.

# A cell phone is a very personal device that people take with them wherever they go, making it easy for marketers to develop a relationship with customers through this medium.

# Carriers have customer data and location information potentially available for targeting.

# Personalization, immediacy, and interactivity of mobile ads encourage response by consumers.

# Preliminary data show good response rates for mobile campaigns (5% click rates vs. 1% for conventional web ads).

# New tool for brands and advertisers to reach new customers and target specific audiences.

# Smartphones and iPhone to enhance mobile surfing, promoting mobile marketing success.

Disadvantages (Cons) :

# Current WAP technology inadequate, discouraging web searching and surfing.

# General intolerance of advertising messages on a personal device.

# Current carrier-imposed “walled garden” approach prevents unfettered mobile web access.

# Adaptation of content and messages to the mobile web results in poor user experience.

# Scarcity of mobile web sites (only 8% of 1,000 top U.S. brands offer a mobile site).

# Current low usage of WAP-based mobile search doesn’t support investment in creating mobile sites because traffic volumes are low except on search portals and other high-volume sites.

# Trial and error period required for mobile marketers to learn how to succeed in mobile marketing, which differs from the traditional web marketing.

# Advertisers are wary of consumer privacy issues.

# FCC yet to rule on limiting use and release of customer data, including location information.

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