Monetization for blogs with small size audiences

Once you start building up a loyal readership and a good flow of traffic, you can start looking into additional monetization strategies such as the following. 

Selling ads

Depending on your niche, you can generally start selling ad space directly to advertisers once you get a certain traffic volume. You can manually manage ads on your blog, or use platforms like BuySellAds that can help you sell and manage ads quickly through their platform with a snippet of code that goes on your website where you want particular ad sizes and types to be displayed. It’s also a great platform to use in researching your traffic volume versus how much you can charge for ads. 

Sponsored reviews

In addition to selling ad space, you can also offer sponsored reviews. This is where someone pays you to write about their product or service on your blog. If you choose only the products your audience will most likely be interested in, you can earn money while creating great content — a win-win situation. If you choose any product just because someone is paying you however, you could lose your hard-earned audience as they will not be interested in the content.

When you do sponsored reviews, you should always remember Google guidelines about using the rel=nofollow attribute for paid links, or links within a paid review. People will likely offer you more to have a dofollow link. Use your own discretion as to whether the price advertisers offer for a sponsored review is worth risking the wrath of Google.

In order to write a great sponsored review, insist that you want to use the product or service for a trial period to really get some insight into it. That way, you can write an honest, compelling review.


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