Google AdSense

Once you have created some content for your blog, let’s say 10 - 15 blog posts, you can apply for Google AdSense. Google AdSense allows publishers to generate income from advertisers who want to place ads no the Google Network. Once you sign up and get approved, you will be able to customize ad slots for links, banners, images, and video and place the Google AdSense code for each of these ad slots onto your website. After an hour or two, Google will begin to match the best ads to your website.

The key to Google AdSense is to follow the guidelines and know where to place your ads for the best results. You can experiment with ad placement in your blog’s sidebar, below the title of individual blog posts, in your blog’s header, and other areas. Google even offers some example site layouts that will help you get the most clicks for your ads.

One thing to keep in mind about Google AdSense - if you are making good money through affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services, the last thing you will want is to encourage someone to leave your website by clicking on an ad. Once you begin making good money through other monetization strategies, you may want to consider removing Google AdSense. It’s better to get a $20 sale than a $0.05 click.


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