Introduction of Drupal

Drupal’s superiority lies in its flexibility since it offers plenty of options and configurations, which make customization easy. On the flip side, it has a steeper learning curve, especially for beginners.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should overlook its benefits. Here are what you could expect when using this platform.

Great functionality – you can easily expand the functionality of your site using modules. For example, if you want to add statistics features, you can download the Google Analytics module.

Better customization – aside from modules, Drupal provides over 2000 themes. Drupal core files can also be easily modified, which is a nice feature to have during the development process.

Reliable security – it generates detailed security reports regularly. Furthermore, if you’re facing a security issue, you can directly report to the security team.

This course will show you more features and attributes to help you make an informed decision when using Drupal. First of all, let’s uncover how to install the platform.

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