Instagram for Business Advertising

If you’re building an Instagram account for an ecommerce business, at some point you’ll want to think about expanding into paid advertising to broaden your reach.

But before spending money on ads, you’ll want to make sure you have great content and offers to entice viewers. An engaging profile ensures visitors who click on your ads will want to further interact with your profile.

One approach you can take to advertise your business is to utilize paid shoutouts. By featuring a product or business in exchange for a flat rate, shoutouts are a great way to gain exposure within your niche or target audience with another brand.

Another approach is to reach out to influencers to collaborate on something, whether it’s a feature on Instagram Stories or a sponsored post. Influencers can be expensive, however (especially if they are big names).

A final method (and the most traditional one) for business advertising on Instagram is to roll out paid ads. These are the sponsored posts you may see on your Instagram feed. You can create attractive ads and set them up through Facebook Business Manager.

And if you want to get even more interactive, you can engage in Instagram Shopping through shopping ads, where users can click on links directly on your post image. Unlike paid ads, these ads do not cost you anything. They may take more setup work on the backend of Facebook Business Manager, but can make your posts even more attractive.

You can promote an existing Instagram post in just a few steps with Promote. To access Promote, you will need an Instagram business account.

To create your promotion, tap the Promotions button on your business account or tap the Promote button on an existing post. Once you're in Promote, you'll be given options to customise your promotion. For example, you'll be able to set a budget for your ad.

When you create an ad, you can customise your promotion by choosing your business goal, target audience, budget, ad duration and more.

The Promote tool currently supports three destinations for your ads to help you accomplish your business goals:
  • Your profile
  • Your website
  • Your direct messages
For additional ad objectives, use Ads Manager.

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