Computer Parts-Output

Output Devices

Similar to body parts being used by the brain to output information and to interact with the environment, the computer uses output devices to output information to the user. All information which is outputted by the processor through the output devices can either be seen, heard or felt. 

Devices like the Monitor or LCD panel and projectors display information whereas a speaker would provide audible output. A feedback joystick would provide an output which can be felt by the user. 

Any device that can be used to output information from a computer is known as an output device. It is also important to note that certain devices have functionality that fall into both input and output categories. For example a touch-screen display and a feedback joystick function as both input devices
and output devices.

Monitor -

A Monitor is an output device, very similar to the television screen. It displays the information as it is
typed and also displays the processed result or the output. It is available in many forms cathode ray picture tube based display, liquid crystal based display(LCD), plasma panel display, and touch panel display.

There are three type of Monitors.

1. CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
2. LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
3. LED - Light Emitting Diode

Printer -

It is an output device to produce paper copy (hard copy) for a document, pictures etc. The job of a printer is to put on paper what is seen on the monitor. Printers vary mainly in cost, quality, speed and noise levels.

Eg : Dot Matrix Printer / Inkjet / Deskjet / Bubblejet Printer / Laser Printer.

Plotter -

Plotters are expensive output devices specially designed to produce outputs of diagrams, illustrations and other graphics.


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