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Input devices

Like the eyes, ears, nose, tong and skin provides a way to sense information about the environment and feed it to the brain, input devices helps the user to provide commands to the processor and also for the processor to receive data and information from its environment.

The user can use devices like the keyboard, mouse or trackball and joystick to provide commands and data into the computer. Device like, the microphone, scanner and digital cameras help the processor to receive data from its environment. Any device that can feed data or information to a computer is referred to as an input device.

The devices which are used to input necessary data and information to a computer are called Input Devices.

Keyboard -

Keyboard is the most popular input device that allows users to type alphabets, numbers, and operators, and also to control the cursor on the screen.

Mouse -

Mouse is a pointing device that allows user to point to a specific position on the screen. It has two or three buttons on top for selecting/executing different operations. Pressing buttons of mouse is known as clicking of mouse. The mouse is placed on flat surface and moved around to move its controlling arrow on screen.

The arrow showing the position of mouse on screen is known as mouse pointer. Left button of mouse is used execute the operation associated with it. Right button/Middle buttons are associated with special operations in different situations.

Joy Stick -

It is a device used to control cursor on screen. Normally it is used in Games and specially designed simulation software.

Light Pen -

It is a device used for drawing pictures and for directly controlling screen operations.

Microphone -

It is a device used to accept audio inputs from the user.

Scanner -

It is a device used to capture digital images of printed documents, graphics or other printed media.

Touch Screens -

It is a display device, which is touch-sensitive and allows user to interact with the computer system by touching an area on the screen.

Bar Code Reader -

It is used to accept barcode inputs. A barcode is a series of vertical bars representing numbers and alphabets printed on product labels. One must have noticed all standard items like perfumes, greeting cards, books, cassettes available in the market have similar lines as shown in the figure, known as bar codes. These can be read with the help of bar code readers.

Web Camera -

It is an easy to connect lowresolution digital camera normally employed for transfer of images on the web-based conferencing.

Digital Camera -

It is a high-resolution camera, which captures images and stores them in digital format. It has provision to connect to the computer using special computer communication cables (such as USB cables).


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