Cloud Computing Companies

Many companies are delivering services from the cloud. Some notable examples include the following :

• Google — Has a private cloud that it uses for delivering Google Docs and many other services to its users, including email access, document applications, text translations, maps, web analytics, and much more.

• Microsoft — Has Microsoft® Office 365® online service that allows for content and business intelligence tools to be moved into the cloud and Microsoft currently makes its office applications available in a cloud.

• — Runs its application set for its customers in a cloud, and its and products provide developers with platforms to build customized cloud services. 

• Amazon Web Services (AWS) — It provides a cloud computing platform for all business sizes. AWS helps business organization to choose their own computing platform as in need of the organization and pay for what they use. Services provided AWS are:- Amazon Elastic compute cloud, Amazon Simple Storage services, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Cloud front, Amazon Relational Database and Amazon Simple Queue services.


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