Bates Numbering in WordPerfect

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of using WordPerfect to add Bates Numbers to your documents.

• For a single document, open the file, then select Tools / Legal Tools / Bates Numbering
• Since ‘Current Document’ is already selected, continue by clicking ‘Next’
• Make choices for your Bates number by selecting position, font, prefix / suffix and more

To number an entire folder, start Bates Numbering and

• Select ‘Folder Collection’
• Browse to the folder you want to number
• Order the files (move-up or down), remove any that are not needed
• Select ‘Next’ to set your formatting options of position, fonts and more
• Select ‘Next’ to define the output options
• When your output folder and naming convention is complete, select ‘Finish’ to complete the Bates Numbering task.

To remove Bates Numbering from a document

• Open the document in WordPerfect
• Select Tools / Legal tools / Remove Bates Numbering


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