Applications of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of the most dominant field of computing resources online because sharing and management of resources is easy using cloud. These properties have made it an active component in the following fields as follows.


It is a new trend in the field of education that provides an attractive environment for students, faculty members, and researchers. Students, faculty members, researchers can connect to the cloud of their organization and access data and information from there.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Use of Cloud in ERP comes into existence when the business of any organization grows. The work of managing applications, human resources, payroll etc becomes expensive and complex. To overcome it service providers can install ERP in the cloud itself.


Cloud computing can improve the functioning of a government by improving the way it provides the services to its citizens, institutions and cooperation with other governments. This can be done by expanding the availability of environment, making environment more scalable and customized. It also cut off the burden of managing, installing and upgrading applications.


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