Advertising Agency and its Functions

An Advertising Agency is selected by a manufacture or trader to present the advertisement on his behalf. The advertiser who does not have the capacity of carrying out advertising activities take the help on services of advertising agencies who are specialized in those fields.

The advertising agency carry out the activity on behalf of their client against remuneration called fees. They conduct market research, consumer research, product research etc. They advice the manufacturer on product design or package design, pricing of product channels of distribution. Besides, they advice on the market condition from time to time.

Advertising agency conduct the production activities of visualization, layout, illustration, headlines, copy etc. They also help in the selection of proper media and the frequency at which the advertisement should be presented.

Thus, the advertising agency relieves the burden of the trader or manufacturer of the responsibility of advertising, production and distribution.

Definition : The American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) defines an advertising agency as : “An independent business organization, composed of creative and business people, who develop, repair and place advertisements in advertising media for sellers seeking to find customers for their goods and services”.

Services Rendered by Ad Agencies

The main function of advertising agency is to see that its client.s advertising leads to greater profits in the long run. The agency thus plans, prepares and places with advertising with the objective. The main function of a full-service advertising agency are as follows :

1. Selection of Clients : The first and the foremost function of an advertising agency is to contact and select clients who are desirous of advertising their products, services or anything which they want to sell. The preference in contacting and choosing the clients is  given to those firms which have sound values, able management, efficient operative products and services. The financial position, size and nature of business, efficient management and operative products etc. must be given due weight.

2. Media Selection : Media selection is another major function of the advertising agency. In making a media selection several factors such as cost, circulation, population which it serves, audiences, nature of the product, types of customers and above all needs of the clients should be kept in mind.

3. Advertising Planning : The third as well as the major function of advertising agency is the advertising planning for its clients. For this purpose, the advertising agency requires a detailed knowledge of the firm.s products, its advertising history, market conditions, channel of distribution, knowledge of competitors. products and their advertising techniques, field to be covered, nature and type of consumers etc.

Next planning job is to decide about the advertising medium in which the advertisement is to appear. The advertising message must be adapted to the medium in which it is to appear.

4. Creative Function : The creative function starts when the planning function ends. It includes the preparation of an advertising copy, layout, illustration, photographs, advertising messages, theme of advertisement etc. These functions are performed by a varied group of creative people including writers, designers, artists, producers, photographers and graphic art specialists employed by the advertising agency.

5. Research Function : It is the fifth major function of an advertising agency. It supports the decisions taken in the media and creative areas. In this connection the advertising agency gathers and analyse actual information about the product, extent of market, competitors. strategies and buyers. habits etc. that may help the creative personnel to make the advertising copy more attractive and effective.

6. Approval of the Client : As soon as the advertising copy etc. are prepared, the next function of the advertising agency is to show the copy to his client and obtain his approval. In case if any changes are suggested by the client, the same may be incorporated and thus the final approval should be taken from the client.

7. Marketing Function : The advertising agency also performs marketing functions such as selecting target consumers, designing products and packages, developing channels of distribution strategy, determining prices and rate of discount etc. It gives useful advice to its clients with regard to the nature and trend of the market conditions. Accordingly, the client produces goods keeping in his mind the prevailing conditions in the market.

8. Evaluation Function : Simply drafting advertising copy and handing over the same to the media is not enough. The next major function of the advertising agency is to have an exhaustive evaluation of the advertising effects for the benefit of his client. In case of any deficiency, necessary suggestions should be given and the same be made effective after approval of the client.

9. Coordination Function : The last but not the least important function of the advertising agency is to establish effective coordination with client.s sales force and distribution network to ensure the long running success of the advertising campaign. Each time the advertising agency contacts the client regarding advertising media to be used and the number of times the advertisement is to be repeated after giving effect to changes, if any, as suggested by the advertiser.


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