Ad Agency Selection Criterion

Following are some points to be taken in account while selecting the advertising agency:

1. Suitability : The advertising agency which suits the requirement of manufacturer or trader is selected depending upon the type of advertisement, location of agency, credit policies, etc. Normally, an agency which is located near the advertisers place is selected. This helps in approaching the agency. Secondly, the size of agency in terms of personnel, projects, and services provided is considered. Thirdly, the connections and relations with the various media. Fourthly, the policies like conservative policy, outgoing policies etc. are taken into account. Finally, the advertising also considers whether the agency has competitors account or not.

2. Facilities and Services Provided : Some agencies have modern facilities of photography, type setting, printing, filming etc. The agencies which provide maximum services with minimum costing preferred.

3. Imagination : Imaginations and creative skills of the personnel of agency is duely considered. Creativity in photography, layout, copy writing, media etc. creates an identity and unique for the products and services of the advertiser.

4. Past Record : Past records of the agency in terms of number of clients, effectiveness, credit reputation etc. helps in selecting the agency. The advertiser enquires about the agency.s timeliners, punctuality, past record helps to show whether the agency is reliable or not.

5. Reputation : The reputation of the advertising agency helps in selection. The popularity of the agency depends upon timeliners, successful presentation, good relations, prompt services etc.

6. Management : Proper selection of advertising agency depends on the ownership and management and their policies. Their policies may be either conservative or dynamic which influence the selection.

7. Rates Charged : The advertiser considers the rates charged by the agency. Normally, the rates depend on reputation, facilities provided techniques adopted etc. Therefore, an advertiser will select such agency which will provide facility according to his requirement and which suits its budget.

8. Size of the Agency : The size of the advertising agency must be considered. The larger the size, the more it is preferred, however, at times, small is beautiful because a small agency may give more attention to its client.s work.


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