Writing an e-mail

When writing an e-mail message, it should look something like the example window below. As you can see, several fields are required when sending an e-mail:

The To field is where you type the e-mail address of the person who is the recipient of your message.

■ The From field should contain your e-mail address.

■ If you are replying to a message, the To: and From: fields are automatically filled out. If it's a new message, you'll need to specify the recipients in the To: field, either by selecting them from your contact list, or manually typing the full email addresses. If you are manually specify more than one recipient (as in a group e-mail), the addresses should be separated by a comma and a space, or by pressing the Tab key.

■ The Subject should consist of a few words describing the e-mail's contents. The Subject lets the recipient see what the e-mail is about, without opening and reading the full e-mail. This field is optional.

■ The CC ("Carbon Copy") field allows you to specify recipients who are not direct addressees (listed in the "To" field). For instance, you can address an e-mail to Jeff and CC Linda and Steven. Although the e-mail is addressed to Jeff, Linda and Steven will also receive a copy of the message, and their addresses will be visible to Jeff, and to each other. This field is optional.

■ The BCC ("blind carbon copy") field is similar to CC, except the recipients are secret. Each BCC recipient will receive the e-mail, but will not see who else received a copy. The addressees (anyone listed in the "To" field) remain visible to all recipients. This field is optional.

■ Finally, the Message Body is the location you type your main message. It often contains your signature at the bottom; similar to a handwritten letter.


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