WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme provides all of the front end styling of your WordPress site.

WordPress uses themes to control the look and presentation of your site. You can quickly change themes and change the entire look of your site, while still maintaining the underlying WordPress software that powers your site.

WordPress themes are kind of like how a new outfit can give you an entirely new look. But themes go even deeper than just the design. They control the layout and functionality of your site as well. You can create different layouts for different types of content with a theme.

It’s part of what makes WordPress so powerful. You can change the entire look of your site without ever changing the content or back-end structure. A few clicks of the mouse and you can add a new theme and have an entirely new look. It can make updating your site and keeping things current a much quicker and simpler process. Instead of rebuilding a house from the ground up, you’re just replacing the siding, so to speak.

Themes come in all types and varieties, including free and premium themes. You can also customize a theme to make it your own.

Most WordPress themes provide:

• The overall design or style of your site
• Font styling
• Colors
• Widget locations
• Page layouts (or templates)
• Styles for blog posts and blog archives
• Additional stylistic details

Free vs. Paid WordPress Themes

Just like WordPress plugins, you can choose from over a thousand free themes from the WordPress Theme Directory. The advantages of premium themes are like those of premium plugins. Premium themes usually have a reliable code base and offer support if something goes wrong. 

Some premium themes, like Builder, operate more like web design software, allowing you to design  and build your own theme designs and page layouts.


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