WordPress Terminology

To be able to work with something, we need to know it. To put it in terms and categories. WordPress doesn’t make any difference about that. Let’s take a look at the main terms in the CMS, so it will be easier for you to use it.

WordPres Theme

Simply put, WordPress theme is the general layout of your website. Most of the WordPress themes are highly customizable for the common user. On the other hand, in order to customize some of them, you’ll need at least basic knowledge in some programming languages, especially HTML and CSS.

Essentially the themes in WordPress are kind of template for your site’s general view. A lot of them are multi-purpose but often this is not the case. Some of the themes are made only for blogs, others to be a business card, with some of them you can create a one-page website, with others a magazine. And there are, of course, those which are meant to be a shop.

WordPress Post

In a few words, posts in WordPress are updatable peace of content. Usually, they go from the newest to the oldest, thus becoming irreplaceable for a blog, a magazine or news-oriented websites.

WordPress Category

The categories are like the folders on your computer. We use them in order to organize the posts in different categories so that the users will get a better UX (user experience) when they are searching for a specific topic on your website.

WordPress Page

Pages are very similar to posts, but the difference is that the pages are meant for a static and/or stand-alone pages. Such pages are the About, Contact and your Main pages.

WordPress Home Page

A Home Page is the page you land on when visiting a site for the first time. Its main purpose is to greet you and to tell you what is the site, you’ve just landed on, all about.

WordPress Plugin

The plugins could be (not officially) interpreted as apps, or add-ons, that are including a functionality to your WordPress that the default installation of the CMS misses.


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