Website Design Principles

While designing a site if the web designer keeps some basic principles on his mind, then the web site is sure going to be successful and an effective one. Some of the principles of web designing are presented for you:

The most important principle that is to be kept in mind before designing any web site is its purpose. The goals or aims of the site have to be taken into consideration before starting its planning.
• During the 90s the designers of site were concerned about the filters offered by different programs like drop shadows, bevels, Photoshop, Lens flares and others. But in the recent times of web design, misusing these filters should be stopped. But now the benefits of these filters should be utilized.
• Earlier small fonts were used for web design. It is better not to use fonts of size 10px or less than that. Even 11px should be rarely used for web pages. Size 14px is considered to be the ideal size. Besides maintaining the font size, the line height is also to be considered while designing a web page. The space between two lines in a paragraph should be expanded for convenience in reading.
• While designing a web site, its usability is to be kept in mind. The textual content should be easily read and the content on the pages must be easily accessible. The web site should be so designed that users can navigate through it with ease. Thus visual clutters are to be avoided while designing a site.
• Another principle of web design is its color theme. Often web designers use a number of colors for their web sites. But it is advisable to limit the use of colors. It is better to use 2 primary colors and a third color as the secondary one. Simple colors are always preferred for web designing because it is always easy to comprehend for users.
• For beginners, it is better to recreate the already existing designs. By learning from others’ works will prove beneficial for new web designers. One can learn as well as pave his own way towards better web designing in the future. So the aspiring designers should always try to learn first than trying their hands for a great design at the very first go.


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