Video Editor Preferences

To open the preferences:

1. Click the Settings menu
2. Select Preferences.

The Preferences window will open. The preferences are organized into tabs. Click on a tab to open the relevant options.

When you're done, click OK to close the window and apply the preferences.

General preferences

Interface Language – to change the interface language, simply select the necessary language from the list and click OK to apply the changes.

Automatically check for updates – select this option and you'll be notified whenever a new version is available. Updates within your version are absolutely free (e.g. 1.0 to 1.1), while new releases are offered with a hefty discount to registered users.

Show startup window when creating new project – with this option enabled, you will be prompted to select settings for the new project on startup and when creating new projects. You can choose the project's aspect ratio and other settings, as well as open an existing project.

Send anonymous usage stats to Movavi – checking this box will allow the program to send usage statistics to our development team, enabling us to fix any bugs you may encounter much faster, as well as add new features that you might be missing. The data contains no personal information, will not be disclosed to third parties and will be used for software improvement purposes only.

Use software OpenGL implementation – this option can be useful if your computer doesn't support the necessary OpenGL version and you see an error message when you start the program.

OpenGL is a software interface that manages graphics output. Usually, OpenGL is handled by your graphics card driver. However, some graphics cards do not support the necessary version of OpenGL. For these graphics cards, you can use this option to download and install a software replacement. Installation will run automatically, but you will need an Internet connection to download the files.

Play notification sound when exporting is finished – when saving a project as a media file, you'll be notified as soon as the process is

File preferences

On the Files tab, you can find the options for storing and saving different kinds of files. You can change any of these folders to a different location.

Save project files to – this folder will by offered by default when saving and opening projects. This folder will also store any autosave files for new projects. You can use the autosave file to restore your work in case of an error or force close.

Save output videos to – this folder will be offered by default when exporting media files.

Store audio recordings in – the audio clips that you record in the Editor will be stored as audio files in this folder. Tip: if you delete these audio files, the audio recordings in the project will also be unavailable.

Store stabilized videos in – when you stabilize a video, a stabilized copy of the original will be created in this folder and used instead of the original.

Acceleration preferences

If your computer is equipped with the necessary hardware, these options can help speed up encoding and decoding of media files, allowing you to save your movies much faster and enjoy smoother performance.

Enable Intel hardware acceleration
• Accelerates video processing by up to 400% when working with H.264 and MPEG-2 video codecs.
• This option is only available if your computer is equipped with an Intel processor that supports the Intel HD Graphics™ technology.

Enable NVENC hardware acceleration
• With this option enabled, your NVIDIA graphics card will be used for processing H.264 and MPEG-2 videos and they will be saved up to 50%
• Because video processing is carried out by the graphics card, your CPU is free for other tasks, ensuring smoother performance in other
• This option is only available if your computer is equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card that supports this technology.

Compatible graphics cards
NVIDIA acceleration supports GeForce, Tesla and Quadro graphics card series.

Fast Track HD Acceleration
Fast Track HD Acceleration provides smooth and fast program running. By enabling HD clips optimization in the Preferences menu you allow the video editor to create copies of the project files in a smaller size and then use them in the project instead of the original ones. To enable this feature you need to have free disk space, so the Editor can store and use the copies. Once you finish editing and begin export, high quality files will replace all the temporary optimization copies.

If acceleration options are unavailable:
• Your computer might not have the right hardware.
• If you're sure that your hardware meets the requirements, try updating your drivers.

Sharing preferences

On the Sharing tab of the Preferences window, you can manage your social network accounts such as Youtube, Google Drive and Vimeo for uploading videos.


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