Using Instagram Stories & IGTV for Business

You can use Stories as a part of your strategy to build a brand on Instagram. They are live videos or images that show up on your profile avatar. Instagram Stories last for 24 hours before they get archived in your profile settings, where you can organize them into Instagram Story Highlights.

If you need to use longer videos (up to one hour long) but don’t have a YouTube channel, use IGTV. Once you upload any IGTV content, you will have a tab automatically appear on your Instagram page between your tabs for Posts and Tagged. Unlike Stories, these videos won’t disappear. But keep in mind that you can upload only vertical videos for IGTV.

Instagram IGTV is a feature which allows users to upload long-form videos to the platform. IGTV videos are longer, giving you plenty of opportunities to create fun, fresh and engaging video content for your or your clients brand.

Here are some of the benefits of using Instagram Stories for brands:

IGTV videos can be from 60 seconds up to an hour long, leaving plenty of space for creativity.

The “Following” tab in IGTV, allows your fans easy access to your new content. Followers will also be alerted you post something new.

IGTV acts as an extra platform to showcase your video content, meaning that it's more likely to get seen.

IGTV videos can be incorporated into the newsfeed with one-minute previews, increasing visibility and discoverability.

Instagram users can leave comments on IGTV videos which will be visible to others, as well as like them, providing valuable social proof.

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