Uses of Python

Some of the world’s most popular sites use Python to make their services available to every user. Some of these websites include: 

• Google - the most popular search engine uses Python to handle the traffic and computing needs of the search engine and its connected apps. 

• Youtube - Python is used widely in Youtube to power all the features we love. Everytime you watch a video on Youtube, you are actually executing a bunch of Python code. 

• Dropbox - uses a combination of wxPython and PyObjC on the Mac to deliver service bound to the disk and network. 

• Quora - Adam d’Anggelo, answering to the choice of Python for Quora development, says it has only two drawbacks, speed and typechecking. He says Python was found to be fast enough for what they needed it, while they worked hard to reinvent some technology to solve typechecking. 

• Survey Monkey - yet another service that started the application from the beginning to write it in Python, which was a rather promising language for testing and deploying new features. 

Python was designed for web servers that handle a large amount of traffic, that is why it is chosen by industry leaders. It helps do more with fewer lines of readable code.


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