Types of Work Can do as a Freelancer

There are a lot of different types of work you can do as a freelancer. The choice of work you are going to do is based on your knowledge as some of these require specific education. For example, you cannot be a Spanish to English translator if you do not know Spanish.

Still, there are a lot of jobs that do not require specific education or experience. Instead, the client will probably walk you through the process and show you how the job is done.

Here are some categories to have in mind:

Admin support

Admin support group includes a variety of jobs, and some of those do not require any knowledge on the matter, especially if the client provides instructions.

• Personal assistant
• Virtual assistant
• Project management
• Data entry
• Web research

Customer service

This group of jobs may come with fixed working hours during which you will need to be online and provide support to the customers. Alternatively, you can provide support through emails, but still, it is expected from you to be quite responsive and avoid making customers wait.


This is such a vast area which includes the actual development work as well as management of such projects. It includes:

• Web development
• Mobile development
• Web and mobile design
• Game development
• Other software development tasks/projects
• Project management
• Product management

For these jobs, some experience and knowledge is usually required to get you started, even if it is an entry-level position.


Even though you will narrow down your search by focusing on those languages you speak, you can go even a step further and specialize in a particular area such as:

• Medical translation
• Legal translation
• Technical translation
• Economy and business translation
• General translation


Design career requires knowledge and creativity to be able to work on such projects. Some crash courses could help you with more simple projects, but in general, learning the software for photo, video and audio editing is the main requirement.

• Graphic design
• Logo design
• Photography
• Presentation
• Video production
• Audio production
• Animation


Having in mind that writing is quite a popular job in the freelancing industry, you will find a separate chapter on writing later on in this ebook.
At this point, you can notice that the scope of potential freelancing jobs is quite vast. The best of all is that there are jobs that do not require specific expertise or even experience, which actually gives an opportunity to almost anyone to try this as their career.


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