Types of Tourism Products

It will be useful for you to learn these definitions of words commonly used by professionals in the tourism and travel business:-

# A tourism product is commonly called a ‘tour’.

# The word ‘touring’ implies relatively continuous travel, involving visits to a number of different areas or countries, by coach for example.

# A ‘cruise’ is travel by water - sea, lake, river, canal - again often involving visits to different areas or ports, frequently in different countries.

# The word ‘trip’ is often used to refer to a day excursion, although some laymen might use the word to refer to a longer tour.

# A ‘domestic’ tour is one which is taken entirely within the national boundaries of the traveller’s own country. For economic reasons, which we have mentioned and will consider again later, many countries encourage domestic holidays/vacations.

# An ‘international’ tour is one which is taken in one or more countries outside the traveller’s own home country.


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