Types of Entrepreneurs

Depending upon the level of willingness to create innovative ideas, there can be the following types of entrepreneurs:

1. Innovative entrepreneurs :

These entrepreneurs have the ability to think newer, better and more economical ideas of business organization and management. They are the business leaders and contributors to the economic development of a country. Inventions like the introduction of a small car ‘Nano’ by Ratan Tata, organised retailing by Kishore Biyani, making mobile phones available to the common may by Anil Ambani are the works of innovative entrepreneurs.

2. Imitating entrepreneurs :

These entrepreneurs are people who follow the path shown by innovative entrepreneurs. They imitate innovative entrepreneurs because the environment in which they operate is such that it does not permit them to have creative and innovative ideas on their own.

Such entrepreneurs are found in countries and situations marked with weak industrial and institutional base which creates difficulties in initiating innovative ideas. In our country also, a large number of such entrepreneurs are found in every field of business activity and they fulfill their need for achievement by imitating the ideas introduced by innovative entrepreneurs.

Development of small shopping complexes is the work of imitating entrepreneurs. All the small car manufacturers now are the imitating entrepreneurs.

3. Fabian entrepreneurs :

The dictionary meaning of the term ‘fabian’ is ‘a person seeking victory by delay rather than by a decisive battle’. Fabian entrepreneurs are those individuals who do not show initiative in visualising and implementing new ideas and innovations wait for some development which would motivate them to initiate unless there is an imminent threat to their very existence.

4. Drone entrepreneurs :

The dictionary meaning of the term ‘drone’ is ‘a person who lives on the labor of others’. Drone entrepreneurs are those individuals who are satisfied with the existing mode and speed of business activity and show no inclination in gaining market leadership. In other words, drone entrepreneurs are die-hard conservatives and even ready to suffer the loss of business.

5. Social Entrepreneur :

Social entrepreneurs drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, human rights, workers’ rights, environment and enterprise development. They undertake poverty alleviation objectives with the zeal of an entrepreneur, business practices and dare to overcome traditional practices and to innovate. Dr Mohammed Yunus of Bangladesh who started Gramin Bank is a case of social entrepreneur.

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