Television Advertising

It is said that to-day television advertising is the best selling media ever invented. It has a potential advertising impact unmatched by any other media. It is a means of bringing actual demonstration in the homes of the prospects and is therefore more effective media when compared with radio. That is why the position of radio advertising has now being gradually taken by television advertising.

Advantages of Television Advertising

1. The main advantage of television advertising is that it combines the advantages of both radio and cinema. Thus it is a most powerful audio-visual media.
2. It makes the message more attractive and impressive.
3. It is most advantageous to those advertisers whose products and service require demonstration.
4. It is a source of major income to TV stations.
5. It possesses geographical selectivity. An advertiser can place his advertisements on selected few stations as per his requirements.
6. It has a wide coverage.

Disadvantages of Television Advertising

Television Advertising is subject to the following demerits or limitations :

1. It is very expensive advertising media and would certainly exclude the small advertisers.
2. Television message is short-lived.
3. The range within which the telecasting reaches the audience is very limited.
4. An average some countris cannot afford television as it is quite costly.
5. Television advertisements are very brief due to high cost of advertising on television.
6. Television advertising is a very deliberate media, requiring long term planning, the gaining of approval from the authority and also lacking flexibility.


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