Tailoring Web Sites for Mobile Access

Some Web sites are more likely to be accessed from mobile phones than others, and savvy Webmasters can make sure that visitors have an excellent experience by building mobile versions.

As with all good Web design, the first step is in understanding users’ needs. When accessing a Web site from a mobile phone, a user is generally very task driven, time sensitive, and also likely to be location aware.

Task driven means that the user has a very specific purpose for visiting a Web site, and the Web site needs to help the user to achieve his objective with minimum fuss. For example, a user might want go to a Web site to check the score of a football game.

Time sensitive means that the user is even less likely to be able to spend time hunting for a solution to her problem; instead, the user expects to achieve tasks quickly. For example, a user en route to the airport may want to check to see if her flight is on time.

Location aware means that the location of the user often plays a large role in determining her objectives. For example, a user might be looking for restaurant suggestions in a town she is vacationing in.

These need to be factored in when creating Web sites for mobile users. Mobile Web sites need to be easy to navigate, should not contain more information than they need to, and should have services tailored to a user’s location.


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