Service Marketing Triangle

According to Philip Kotler, service marketing requires both external marketing and internal as well as interactive marketing. 

· External marketing
· Internal Marketing
· Interactive Marketing

1. External Marketing

In an external marketing, marketers interact directly to the end users. They try to understand the need of customers and satisfy them after fulfilling their demands. In an external marketing, marketers set the pricing policies and create awareness about the products and design promotional strategies and techniques that help to attract the customers towards their products and services. They communicate with their customers directly and convince them to buy their products. They involve in constructive group of activities that helps to design excellent products that meet the customer’s demands efficiently. Their goal is to create awareness about their products or services among users by communicating with them directly. They also grab the attention of the market and produce interest in their services.

External marketing is one of the important parts of service marketing triangle.

2. Internal Marketing

In an internal marketing, marketers try to interact with their employees in order to know about the strengths and weaknesses of their organization. The owner of the company tries to involve all of his employees in general discussion, believe on teamwork. Internal marketing involves general discussions, teamwork, training, motivation and rewards on best performance. Employees communicate with themselves on specific project. Teamwork helps to involve employees in their assigned tasks and generate output quickly.

Organizational rewards motivate employees to make their performance effective. All employees understand the goals and objectives of the company clearly and try to meet organizational goals. They also know how to grab the attention of their customers.

Customers are highly satisfied with their products or services. They always try to satisfy their clients at any cost. If employees of the company are satisfied with their job and performance rewards, they can become an effective asset of any organization. Executives of the organizations fully understand the service marketing triangle if they want to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

3. Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing involves in the delivery of products or service to the customers and front –office employees of the company. It is the most important part of the service marketing triangle because it establishes a long term or short term relations with customers.

Customers who are highly satisfied with their products or services can become regular customers of their brand. Marketers who cannot compromise on quality and deliver high quality products to their customers have a great community of loyal customers. Their loyal customers always prefer them to buy products.

Service marketing triangle has great importance and its components are essential in the success of any business. A well established business always follows the strategies of service marketing triangle. Today, marketers who know how to remove the company’s weaknesses and increase the strengths and assets are market leaders. They are aware of external threats and opportunities that boost up their business. They also know how to communicate with their customers, clients and employees in order to achieve organizational goals.


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