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Off Page SEO

Search Engines are crawling the web in order to find as much pages and websites as possible. While doing so, the bots that are crawling around are gathering and caching the websites, so that when a user searches for something the Engine will have enough information to know where and what is the most relevant information to that search(query).

But in the dawn of the SEo practices, people started to stuff their content with the keyword that they hoped (or knew) people, interested in their product use to find information on the web. That forced the search engines to change the rules in order not to let webmasters abuse them. That is why backlinks became so important. Now it is not only about how many times you’ve written the keyword you strive to rank for in your content. How many other websites believe that your content is relevant is also important . At least equally , if not more important.

Now, the backlinks, also referred as votes of confidence, that your website will get from other websites, are not the only important factor in the off-page SEO.

As SEO is mostly about content creating, and optimizing it for the queries of the users in search engines, which is the essence of On-Page SEO, some of the techniques of the Off-Page SEO, are also related to content creation. When working on your Off-Page SEO, consider the following elements.

Create Shareable Content - Podcasts, Videos, and Infographics are a great example of shareable content. Consider creating more of these. Given, they are providing value to the users, more shares will occur, and thus, more backlinks.

Guest Posting - Writing articles for another website will surely bring you a backlink. By doing so, you will be able to, more or less, choose the website from which you’ll get the link, and you’ll be able to write about something that is related to your website. And relevancy is crucial when it comes to backlinks.

Forum Submissions - Giving an expert level answer to questions that your potential customers are asking in forums, will surely raise the awareness around your website, and thus, around your business.

Influencer Outreach - This one is a no-brainer. There is no downside to allying with influencers.


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