Role of Advertising in Society

Advertising is the integral part of every day's life. It is a pervasive method of marketing in society. Though the methods by which marketers advertise have changed over the decades, the role and purpose of advertising has changed over the period of time. Without advertising modern society cannot survive. Advertising is useful to society in following ways.

Encourage Purchasing
Encouraging people to purchase goods and services is the main role of advertising. Some industries rely on advertising more than others: A cereal company, for instance, must advertise more aggressively, due to the wide arrange of competing products, than a power company that faces little to no competition. Advertisers often influence members of society to purchase products based on instilling a feeling of scarcity or lack.

Reflect cultural trends
Advertising bridges the gap among people by communicating varied culture through advertising message. It bring variation in the social life.

Promotes Economic growth
Advertising contributes to bring about all round development of the economy by increasing demand and by encouraging economic activities it fuels the desire to shop and, in turn, shopping stimulates the economy.

Improves standard of living
Advertising is an economic activity. It provides opportunities to people to improve their income. It motivates people to consume more material and thereby improves their standard of living.

Provides employment
Effective advertising generates demand for goods and services. high demand calls for more production which requires more of physical and human resources thus creating employment opportunities.


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