Rehearse and Time the Delivery Presentation

PowerPoint helps you record and time a presentation before you present it to an audience.

Rehearse the presentation
  1. Select Slide Show > Rehearse Timings.
  2. Select Next, click the mouse or press the Right Arrow key to go to the next slide.
  3. The time for the current slide is shown to the right of the Pause icon. The time to the right of that is the time for the whole presentation.
  4. Select Pause to pause the recording. Select Resume Recording to resume.
  5. Select Yes to save the slide timings, or No to discard them.
  6. You can also press Esc to stop the recording and exit the presentation.
View the timings

Select View > Slide Sorter. The amount of time allotted to a slide is shown at the bottom-right of the slide.

Turn off recorded slide timings before you give a presentation

To prevent slides from automatically advancing, use the recorded slide timings as follows:
  1. Select Set Up > Slide Show.
  2. Clear the Use Timings or Use Rehearsed Timings check box.
To turn the slide timings on again, select Use Timings.


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