Purpose of Website

The most important aspect of planning any web site is its purpose. First of all the purpose or aim of hosting a web site is to be determined. The web design for the site will solely depend on this purpose. If the purposes of designing remains obscure then the web site planning might not end in a success.

Thus setting a purpose for a web site is considered to be the first step of web site planning. The development of content and deciding the target audience for the web site will be based on this purpose. The purpose of planning a web site will be evident once the immediate and long term goals are decided. This will help to trace the growth and progress of the web site in the long run. Deciding a purpose before creating any web site will also aid in determining the future expansion plans, any modifications or improvements to be made to the site.

A purpose for a web site is to be determined to understand whether the site is to be created for personal or commercial purpose. The purpose of creating and designing a web site can be many. Mostly a web site is created for business purpose in order to make money. A site can also be created to share information or it can be even a community site to keep in touch with relatives and friends.

A purpose of creating a web site is also to be decided, as it will influence the cost of hosting it, its budget, the style and the web site technologies depending on its nature.


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